There is something that my family always nags

There is something that my family always nags me about. Its my facial expressions. I suck at keeping my emotions internal. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been complimented about my personality before, but sometimes, I can’t help but despise the kind of person I am. If I like you, I blush and construct rosy cheeks. If I hate you, I’ll give you the dirtiest and meanest glares; respect becomes a matter of taste. If I don’t like what you just said or did, I’ll give you an awkward smirk or I’ll just stop talking to you immediately; it’s kind of distasteful. If I’m really happy, my eyes start to form the biggest water bubbles like I’m a little kid eating my favorite pudding. Despite the fact that I’ve been working really hard to fix this ugly character flaw, I can’t help that it’s built into my system and there are moments, rather many, when my facial expressions will make you happy, sad, confused, angry, or simply okay. And I’m sorry if I ever made you feel uncomfortable, I never meant to. If you’re one of the people who asked why I smile so often, this is one of the few reasons. If I just smile, I seem to feel better and you’re not going to feel like I don’t like you. You’re right, most of times I really enjoy the company of others so don’t feel offended by my hideous face. You’re lovely.


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