(I’ve) got issues, issues, issues baby true true true

Sorry I just casually quoted a Mr. Bieber song.

Today was such a fantastic day! I went to church and headed to the city for a lunch date with  one of my best friends and twin, even my mom thinks we’re related. After eating Korean BBQ, we decided to buy our brothers chocolate at a “seemingly gigantic but rather small” Hershey store. And while we were walking back to Penn Station, a very sweet old lady asked me for directions to Macy’s, which I didn’t know even after looking it up on my friend’s chichi eye-phone. She was so polite and dear and all I could say was that I wasn’t sure and I sincerely apologized; she was so lovely, I hope I can be like that when I’m walking with a cane one day. With thirty minutes left of waiting for the train, I decided to get a smoothie at Planet Smoothie called “the last mango” (i think). I love mango and I love almost every fruit, but it had too much mushy bananas, which my twin also hates. After talking endlessly on the train back home, we were picked up by our dads, and after a few hours, our family decided to eat out. My favorite aunt decided to have dinner with us; it was a happy impromptu and totally unexpected. While eating, she soft-spokenly told me how skinny people look great in everything.

No, that statement was not directed towards me, but I couldn’t help but feel offended. I’m not fat. In fact, I’m nowhere near it on a medical chart. But then again, I am composed of way more than just skin and bones. For me, body image is about how comfortable you are in your skin; the stares that admire or ugly glares are merely part of the process. The number on the tag of your shirt and pants should never define your “beauty power;” it really is just a number and numbers tend to fluctuate throughout life. Hence, it’s not an “issue” only until you say it is; only when you feel a burning passion to look kick a** in everything you wear and have boys eye-rape you from across the street. Really. It’s about your comfort zone.

Wah. I want to lose weight!


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