I’m always curious about how trends start like how do you know that others are going to simply conform to your ways, the clothes you wear, how high your socks should be, what phone is the most versatile yet streamlined, the songs you listen to, etc. It’s so crazy how vast and viral certain things happen. For example, Gangnam Style is a song that has over 10 billion views, which is ridic in itself, and growing up in a generation where K-pop is becoming more and more sensational is refreshing yet confusing. Are feelings mutual? I have been a faithful consumer of BlackBerry ever since high school. I held the preconceived idea that it was the coolest phone out there until today, my summer camp director haughtily described my phone as the oldest and “un-trendiest” phone ever. She’s probably right. I’m a minority in a fast-paced digital world. But at least I can still wear my 70’s high waist denim shorts, so metta. 


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