I feel so compelled to write this because I’ve been blessed with so many amazing and graceful people. These are a few words of encouragement from a person dear to my heart. 

hey, heidi! i have faith you are going to praise God phenomenally on stage tomorrow morning and for the rest of this week! i just wanted to share some words of encouragement, and i will keep you in my prayers as well!

No need for thanks  just really felt pulled to tell you that it’s okay and that all we can do is trust that God is good!

And all the worries, they are so small compared to who God is. Praise is praise! And I know He will love on you even more in your willingness to worship. 

I have a fear of public speaking and presenting. Very bad anxiety and whatnot, but I have all of those worries and feelings of inadequacy to God this past week, and He got me through it

I literally had no idea what I was doing most of the time, but he put that smile on my face and I focused on all of my brothers and sisters who looked on with full hearts of encouragement to the new teachers and felt so secure and so blessed

I was sad to feel like that was lacking for you guys today and really wanted to share

 Of course! I love you always as my sister in Christ

It doesn’t matter that we barely know each other because we are all children of God

You will find strength in the Lord who strengthens us 

Gave * all of the worries to God


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