“Heidi Heidi Heidi Heidi Heidi Heidi”

I told myself I was going to miss him so much after this summer was over. Departure would be cumbersome and a burden as it always has been, but this time, it would just hurt a little more. Countless times I prayed that my heart would be moved but through lust, so that even despite it being true, it would be less painful, less memorial. I’m not sure when I would ever see him again, but I know God will provide if it’s meant to be. Through his jokes and demeaning humor, I still found sincerity. I eagerly anticipated for moments when he would call my name or poke fun. His carefree attitude, free-flowing nature, and exocentric personality I could never attain and maybe, this is why I fell heart first. People would compliment him numerously about his looks, but to me, he’s just the person that sometimes I wish I could be. I’m going to miss him. Much more than I really should. And maybe, such feelings are not mutual, so singular they’re painful to endure. Are you supposed to say goodbye, good luck, take care, see you soon? I hope he knows how much I’m going to miss him. And how much I hope he stays faithful to God’s words, His embrace, life’s testimonies, and all his beliefs and dreams.


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