Today is my 19th birthday!

Unfortunately, I’ve had such a rough week with my phone and everything getting stolen and then running around campus and staying up late to study for tests and to finish assignments, so I forgot until my friends repeatedly reminded me with sweets and hugs and a lot of love. Thank you. Thank you so much for making me feel so special despite the annoyance I bring upon you and despite celebrating it thousands of miles away from home, I was truly touched. I’ve got a lifetime supply of heartaches and rejections to write a thousand people some really sad songs but more importantly, I’ve got stories about some of the most amazing and humble people I’ve come to known. I love you and I really mean it. The pangs of my heart can never go away however you silence them; “Heidi, you deserve the world” is a statement I can’t quite comprehend because dear love, you probably deserve it more than I do. Cheers to my last teenage year!

Cheers for you & me.

I’m cheering for love & birthdays.

Happy Birthday!


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