ah, heidi 

that uncertainty really rocks your world, doesn’t it? But the Lord commands that we do not be anxious but there is solid reasoning behind that! He will always provide, will always take care of us, and will always know what is best for us–His plans are what is best for us. He is the Good Shepherd. It’s so hard to put aside our own hopes and desires and get angry when things don’t go our way or get stressed and upset under all the pressure and anxiety that uncertainty causes but if we always pursue our ways and not His, our plans will ALWAYS be frustrated, we will always be confused, and we will never learn how to trust God. If you’re completely sure about transferring, i don’t think there is any harm in keeping your options open, and applying to a few schools that all might have their pros and their drawbacks but with all that you do, just keep turning back to God and reminding yourself that His will be done. we are the happiest in our lives when we grow into His desires for us. Everything that will come to pass will be a part of His plan, so don’t fear, don’t be anxious just pray and ask God to guide you in the direction that leads to His ultimate glorification. I PROMISE, you have nothing to fear. Yeah, I could imagine it must be so confusing and overwhelming.

 “Be still, and know that I am God”

 It’s something we often overlook… but he is GOD. when we feel like we have no control, God takes over, and that is always a good thing. 
 I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to remind you that Jesus loves you, and with God for us, nothing can stand against us. I am praying that God will whisper his peace to your soul and you will be so comforted and SO in love with Him.
Despite everything, I know I am loved. His words heal the pangs of my heart. 

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