I don’t know what to say when people change. Sometimes, it’s for the better but sometimes, it’s really not. When kids who were too studious for the library during high school all of a sudden become the poster-child for every frat party at college…what happened?! I have no idea but I’m sure they do. They change because they’re relentless, unbounded by social standards. Their life is theirs and no one else’s, and the amount of hard work and effort they put into getting into the school of their dreams was just as far as they would/could go. It’s not exactly a facade. Their accomplishments are more like gifts they’re presenting to the world that deemed them as underachievers, and their party prowess, now, is a gift they’re presenting to themselves which deem them as overachievers.

I just hope you’re happy with who you are because in the end, that’s all that’ll ever count.


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