Someone asked me this one time, a while ago, and she thought my answer was so profound but honest, and because it’s part of my personality, I thought I’d share it (with whomever it concerns).

This girl asked, hopefully simply out of curiosity, “If your boyfriend (assuming you had one) cheated on you, what would you do?”

In my head, I was like what kind of question is that?! But regardless, I answered, “If that girl he cheated on me with has more charisma, passion for life, and is hella more gorgeous, I would forgive him.”

(No, I’m not a sadist that thinks she never deserves any good happenings). Yes, I really would. And sure actions speak louder than words, but if I were in that situation, I really think I would get over it. To clarify, it’s human nature, to be attracted to things that sparkle, things with silver linings, because diamonds are a girls’ best friend, but they are also men’s as well. And I believe that things also fade over time. People lose the radiance they once had; it’s part of life.

That’s why. If you dated someone simply because he/she sparkled for an ephemeral moment and then, no longer find use in them. Then, I guarantee you that you will never find monumental love.

So meta.


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