Hi, my name is Heidi and I’m a candy-holic. I love eating candies and I’ve had this problem since I was little (you can ask my parents, they won’t deny it), but throughout middle school and high school, I was really docile in not eating them. Then, college came rolling along, disturbing everybody’s circadian rhythm of life. Here’s the truth: I love candy, but I hate eating them. Whenever I eat candy I have to rinse my mouth with water like 700 million times and worry 30 times about whether I’m going to start forming cavities in my mouth. Then, I worry about whether all this sugar intake is going to go to my thighs, my cheeks, my arms, or my derriere (it disturbs my hormone levels and then I don’t look as pretty as I can). Sorry, this is overdramatic but I think I know plenty of people who can shyly agree, so I’m justified enough.

Besides overcoming my candy addiction (which isn’t going so well because I’m eating peach gummies as I type), another semester of college has commenced. This means another several months of studying subjects that hopefully will be useful in the near/far future, meeting or not meeting new people, eating dining hall dregs, walking/often running across campus for classes, writing papers I wish others would write for me, reading books not about how to survive the dangers of an abandoned city, and most importantly, figuring out the implements of civic duty and responsibility as a member of society (what I am going to do after 4 life-changing years). I’m only writing this because I miss being home, I miss my family, my friends, good food, and the comfort that the never-sleeping city of New York brings upon my life. It’s become a ritual that I count down the days left of each semester before I go home, and I don’t tell people this because then they think I hate being in college and I’m not enjoying myself. Then, I get a really long speech and narrative about how I should experience the world outside my dorm and the wholesome experience of being in college and meeting new people. It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me, I’ve already heard that message to the point where it lost its punch line. What I need is: inspiration, courage, and people who have been through years of not figuring exactly what they wanted to do and still be living a happy, successful life.

I’ll tell you how my life unfolds whenever I have time. Get psyched.


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