30 pounds of satisfaction&hope

30 lbs?! yes, 30 lbs! I’m trying to lose thirty pounds. I’ve already lost 10 lbs within a week and a half, so I really believe it’s possible, but I almost fainted this morning, so God’s trying to tell me to take things slow. No, I’m not fat or obese. I’m pretty average maybe a little under, but I love the appeal of “stick skinny.” I used to be stick skinny before I entered 10th grade; I’m not sure what happened but according to my madre, she tried to feed me bigger portions so I had enough fat to go through puberty (haha). But, now I’m trying really hard to go back to the way I was, especially my eating habits. I exercise EVERY day, but I figured it wasn’t enough so I’m cutting down on a lot of calories too, which means fruits and veggies almost every day. It’s really hard but I figured the least I could do is give myself the body I desire. Shedding 30 lbs will mean that I will be very much underweight, but as long as I’m eating healthy and physically active, I’m all good, right?

Cheer me on!  


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