Can you tell me if it’s okay to weed people out of your life?

I get so fed up with people telling me how to live my life; from how to get the best summer internships to where to study abroad to “you should graduate a semester early” to “oh, counting calories is a huge stressor, you shouldn’t do that.” Well, you should really shove it! Metaphysically and organically, we are such different individuals. We’re so idiosyncratic. Unless you signed an insurance contract stating that you’ll take care of my life for me, I really (in all honesty) don’t think you should tell me what your standards of a perfect being is and the obligations of conforming to those protocols. I could care less. Stop, stop, stop.

Seriously, you’re a pre-med, and I’m not. Where do we even begin to conjure the facts of how different we are?



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