So many people ask me why I take so many classes– 5 or 6 is usually my average course load. So I just tell them I do it because I love learning. It’s so riveting and dynamic to sit in class and just listen to what professors have to say; the amount of effort they put in to try to make students listen for even 2 minutes is probably the most overwhelming yet relieving experience I’ve ever had in my short, brief life. Exploring out of curiosity and passion can’t really be applied to high school living, but it definitely is applicable to your undergraduate career. I know that sometimes the amount of freedom we’re bombarded with is literally overwhelming and hard to grasp but it’s so refreshing– to simply learn because you want to.

Don’t listen to people you don’t want to; don’t try to please people that probably could really care less about how you look; please yourself. Seriously, this lesson was the most difficult to learn for me. In middle school, I became friends with girls that wanted to be friends with me because older peers at my church knew who I was. The insatiable desire to have high school friends is acceptable? I don’t really know, but anyways, these girls were very materialistic and sometimes, so incredibly superficial. But as long as our friendship lasted, I conformed. I bought clothes from Free People, bags from Coach and Marc Jacobs, shoes from Steve Madden, and my life was literally starting to fall apart. I pretended to be the most popular and prettiest girl at church; I never spoke to my parents in any language other than English (if you grow up in an Asian family, that’s a complete disgrace). I was so not myself. And I can’t tell you enough how much I really hated myself. So in high school, God probably thought enough was enough; our “plastic” friendship tore apart, and although, it did sting for the first few months, I was so relieved. I still see those girls around very occasionally, and yes, I feel totally better-than-fine. Sorry, I’m not exactly sure where I got lost in transition from how my semester is going to my childhood trauma of a horrible friendship.

But, really, your life may be better off without some grossly people. Oust them.


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