What is all this talk about new-wave feminism? No, I haven’t read the book “Lean In” yet, but according to my theory professor, I should read it, critique it, and then BURN it. She also (sarcastically) asked me if I’ve ever read a book about men, who can balance work and parenting. Well, I can’t, because such book literally doesn’t exist. haha. There is seriously so much outcry about equal rights and equal pay and equal this, equal that, but when societal standards are molded and crafted by history, stigmas are difficult to change. Yeah, women should strive for the best, but if you’re not satisfied simply based on societal protocols, then I can’t help you. Be content with yourself; there are so many privileges in being born a woman. After all your man has to pay for all the dinner dates, well at least, they are obligated to feel encumbered by such expectation.


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