I’m not sure if this is creepy, weird, or sentimental, but on certain days when I log onto Facebook, I always feel so incredibly nostalgic. And today was one of those days. Happy Easter! Is Easter considered a holiday? I’m not sure, but anyways, whenever a hoard of college students go back home, pictures on Facebook always make me want to be home as well…with them. Lately, I’ve been feeling really out of place, and this year has felt so obnoxiously long that I feel the desperate need to go home. I text my mom literally every day, but recently, I had to call my parents to book a hotel reservation during finals week, so we can make the road trip back home, which I’m super excited about. Going back home is my favorite part of the school year, which is so sad, seriously. Dammit, no college student should be saying that. But anyways, I’m excited to go home. I’m not excited for the 5+ papers and final exams I have to take, but I’m excited for the hey days after them. I’m excited to see my family, my friends, my dog, my bed, my room, my house, my mom’s foods, NYC (and its foods) and the vibe that’ll hopefully tell me “Welcome home.”

Final push. Here we go.


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