10 Tips To Getting Into An Ivy League, Or What I Wish Someone Had Told Me In High School

#10 is a given.

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Legally Blonde / Amazon.comLegally Blonde / Amazon.com

Growing up I knew what the Ivy League was but, like all of the important things I’ve learned, it wasn’t until I started watching Gossip Girl that I realized just how important it was to find a way in. I read the literature, had an SAT tutor, and so on, but still I feel that a more comprehensive guide is in order.

1. Be related to someone who was an Ivy Leaguer.

Preferably this someone will be able to make a huge donation and a subtle wink in your favor.

2. Get straight A+’s and/or perfect SAT scores.

But to avoid the risk of being boring, mention a close run-in with the law or how you built an entire business all by yourself by selling the Adderall your brother was prescribed. They like to see an innovator, an entrepreneur.

3. Try to be the first one…

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