The Truth About Your Law Degree

Thought Catalog


The truth is, no one will be at this graduation. They’ll comment on your Facebook, but that’s the extent of it.

The truth is, when you walk across that stage, it’s only for you. And that has to be enough.

You decided, four years ago, to go to law school. To literally sacrifice years of your life so that your talents can be best utilized.  To sit alone in a windowless room, memorizing archaic rules from the 1800’s to the satisfaction of law professors. To go to class everyday only to learn to hate the sound of your own name and encounter egos larger than you had ever imagined. To come face to face with the absolute reality that you are not smarter than anyone else here. It’s hard, friendless, and you’ll travel through three states before it’s over.

You thought about how exciting it would be, to be…

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