10 Classes You Should Actually Take In College

Thought Catalog


1. Moving Through Crowded Parties 101

Overview: In this course, you’ll learn the various techniques that have enabled partygoers to slip and weave their way through crowds of drunk 18 year-olds time and time again. Note that this is a field study class, with many mandatory lab sessions on Friday and Saturday evenings.

2. Facebook Judging 304

Overview: Ever wanted to know if that profile picture means he’s deeply insecure, has extreme attachment issues, and will cause you to approach relationships in a horrendously cautious and jaded manner for the next 10 years?

Note that this course is only available to those who have completed “Selecting The Perfect Profile Picture,” or possess the proper Advanced Placement credits.

3. The Perfect Lie: How To Get Out Of Obligations Without People Hating You

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Overview: Ever wonder why no one ever believed you when you said you had to…

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