“This is how the future voted. This is what people 18-25 said in casting their votes. We must keep this flame alight and nurture this vision.” – Eliza Byard

I was actually avoiding writing about the political atrocity that happened last night because honestly, I’m so mind boggled right now, I don’t even think my sentences would mirror coherent English. This is absolutely crazy. This is so insanely¬†absurd.

But this image above is incredibly hopeful, so instead of writing about how a misogynistic sexist hog will reign as the 45th President of the United States and stand in honor among some of the nation’s greatest presidents, this message is going to be one of hope.

I can write hate comments all day, but we don’t have time for that. Let’s be hopeful because this map looks like an ocean of openness and love and not the bloodbath of last night. Let’s be hopeful because these are the people that will be America’s future leaders – the ones who make progress in every direction, in every milestone. I’m hopeful for all the people, especially the young people, who believes in the rights of every individual, and I’m incredibly blessed that our progress as a country hasn’t been devalued. The results of last night’s election is not representative of America, it’s only representative of the white supremacists who voted, and I firmly believe that is not the America I live in. Believe in the people of the greater good – there’s more of them.

And have hope because no one’s done fighting.


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